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From any Hotel and any guest houses around Ezulwini Valley, Mbabane, Manzini. Let us know your area - to some far places a pick up fee may apply.

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Please note that this tour will run from the 30th of August 2019 until the 2nd of September 2019. To see the prices above, please select those dates above

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Most of the maiden who take part are in their teens, although there are some younger ones who participate. During the first week the young maiden gather reeds from the specially selected areas, some of the older girls travel for a long distance, leaving the young ones to choose the reeds closer to their homes.
The day of the reed dance begins with bathing and grooming prior to appearing before the King and the Queen Mother. The girls wear short beaded skirts decorated with fringes and buttons;
Together with anklets, bracelets, and necklaces, and colorful sashes.
Each sash has appendages of different colored wool streamers, those denote whether or not the is betrothed. The Royal family princesses wear red feathers in their hair and lead the maidens to perform before their majesties. Each group has its own particular dance steps and sound which marks the respect for the Monarch and his mother. Many of the girls carry torches to indicate that had cut the reeds at night.
The reed dance attracts young maidens and young men from across the Kingdom and foresters the unity of clans which characterizes the modern Swaziland as devoid of tribal differences.
Photographs may be taken during the reed dance provided the permits are obtained in advance.


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  • Group size: from 1 to 25 people
  • Pickup location: From any Hotel and any guest houses around Ezulwini Valley, Mbabane, Manzini. Let us know your area - to some far places a pick up fee may apply.
  • Drop-off location: Drop off can be at the same place unless there is a different arrangement.
  • Pickup time: (8.00 AM - 8.30 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (4.00 PM - 4.30 PM)


The itinerary is as follows but we have added the other attractions of this tour because the the Reed Dance ceremony does not start until midday or around lunch time.

Stop 1

We will pick you up from your place of stay and head down to Manzini and have breakfast in the market where you can try the local dish while you are learning the local language. Look around the Market and shop around for about 45 minutes.

Stop 2
Head over to Swazi candles- this is a hive of shops its all under one roof. You will have the colorful candles crafted by local artist by hand it’s a must see Not only is there a stunning variety of thousands of candles on display in the factory shop but visitors are welcome to watch the candle making process in the work shop.
With the area you will find the following shops-Swazi sense natural soap, rose craft, sambane café, Kwazi swazi, baobab Batik and also lots of open market stalls.

Stop 3
Malandelas Complex will tend to calm you down and you will feel like have having coffee in the restaurant but there won’t be enough time.
Visit Gone rural, baobab batik shop, House on fire to see the impressive house of entertainment in Swaziland .

Stop 4

We can also combine it with the Cultural village where we will have a tour of the village with the guide explaining the Swazi culture and the Swazi family set up.

See the Swazi traditional Dance performed by both Male and females- you can join then at the end of the performance and have fun.

We are now going to head straight to the Reed Dance ceremony where we will change into our traditional gear ( provided we were able to get more attire) for every one.But only for those who would like the dress code for the Swazi people.


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31days cancellation before arrival 100% refund

30days cancellation before arrival 75% refund

15days cancellation before arrival 50% refund

3days-24 hrs cancellation before arrival 0% refund

No refund for Bab weather cancellation

Children policy

Children above 6 years and below the age of 12 years are half price.

Children above 12 years are full price.

Participant Guidelines

All women are not allowed to wear pants, they should wear long skirts below the knees.

Men should not be wearing hats while around the Royal palace.

If you have a a bigger camera you will need to get a licence from the  ICT- information communication and Technology.