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First Night

Here at Myxo’s Woza Nawe Tours we would like to show you the real Swazi experience.

You will be taken 'behind the scenes’ to experience and enjoy the rich culture that is "Swaziland".  Visit a genuine Swazi Village. See the true culture of Swaziland, eat and converse with real Swazi's. We offer for the more curious and culturally adventurous type, accommodation 'Swazi' style, where you get the unique opportunity to sleep in traditional Swazi beehive huts on traditional grass mats. (Mattresses will be provided – our huts are made very comfortable and we do provide covers as well. (

The following day in the village we are going to the village the local families and the school (depending on if the schools are open or not).  We will also go and see our preschool which is about 5 kms away. This was initiated for the community by Myxo to help the kids.  You can walk around in the community and admire the beautiful landscape and great views surrounding you.

Second night.

Coming back from the village we head back to  Myxo's Place  where you will be staying. Unless an alternative and comfortable accommodation is preferred, in which case we will drop you off and pick you up the next day.


Third Night.

Get picked up from your place of stay and then travel around the following places and have fun meeting the Swazi people.

Stop 1

Head over to Swazi candles- this is a hive of shops all under one roof. You will have the colorful candles crafted by local artists by hand it’s a must see. Not only is there a stunning variety of thousands of candles on display in the factory shop but visitors are welcome to watch the candle making process in the work shop. In the area you will find the following shops-Swazi sense natural soap, Rose craft, Sambane Café, Kwazi Swazi, Baobab Batik and also lots of open market stalls.

Stop 2

Malandelas Complex will tend to calm you down and you will feel like have having coffee in the restaurant but there won’t be enough time.
Visit Gone rural, baobab batik shop, House on fire to see the impressive house of entertainment in Swaziland.

Stop 3

We can also combine it with the Cultural village where we will have a tour, with the guide explaining the Swazi culture and  Swazi family set up.
See the Swazi traditional dance performed by both males and females- you can join them at the end of the performance and have fun.
If we still have the time we will visit the Ezulwini market stalls and do more shopping, looking around and meeting Swazi people.

Stop 4

Visit the cultural village, a living museum of old traditions that represents a classical Swazi lifestyle during the 1850's. The building material is strictly traditional: poles, grass, reeds, leather strips, earth and dried cow dung.
The Mantenga Cultural Village is a mini complex of sixteen huts, each with its own specific purpose, kraals and byres for cattle and goats, reed fences that serve as windbreaks, and various other structures. With the traditional artifacts on display, the village illustrates many facets of the ancient Swazi way of life: social, economic and religious.
The objective of the cultural village is to enable visitors from all over the world as well as Swazis from all corners of the country to visit it and to maintain a positive interest in the Swazi cultural heritage, including language, customs and practices, rituals, dance, music, folklore, arts and crafts.
After the official opening, it was named "Ligugu Lemaswati" by his Majesty King Mswati III, meaning "The pride of the Swazi People".
On entry, the village people, often wearing traditional clothing, will warmly welcome you. The standard Swazi greeting to the family is "Yebo Nkosi".
The village life is vibrant and energetic and your guide will not only talk you through how the huts and traditional items are made but might also teach you the siSwati words for them. Interaction is encouraged, so try your hand at grinding maize and plaiting mountain grass or join in the Swazi song and dance. An offering of a taste of local food and sometimes brew is made but forget about your cutlery and try it the Swazi way… with your hands! This experience is both informative and memorable - a taste of true Swazi hospitality - and should not be missed.

Stop 5

Ezulwin Valley- Visit the road side market and do your last shopping before we start heading to Mbabane the capital city.

Here you will have at least 30 mins while you walk around and discover the town. Head over to the Ngwenya Glass which is not too far from the SA border. Here you will see all the amazing things made from recycled bottles.

We will then be on our way to the north of Swaziland towards the town of Piggs Peak, stopping now and then on the side of the road, admiring the art work by the artists using soap stone.

We will then cross the Matsamo border in the late afternoon and head straight to the Funky Monkeys Backpackers for the night, prior to our 3 days animal Safari.

Your accommodation will be offered here in double rooms not in the dorms.

( please visit the Website for more details of how the place look.


Fourth Night

 Rhino Safari: Three Day/Three Night Kruger National Park

Day 1

We depart from Nelspruit at 14.30pm and transfer you through to Marloth Park and Masungulo River camp which is home to Funky Safaris. After being greeted by our friendly camp staff and guides, we hen head off for an afternoon game drive in Marloth Park reserve

We return to camp and you can get to relax on our 15 metre viewing deck overlooking the Kruger’s Croc River border or you can take a stroll along the river trying to spot the elephants, hippo’s and other game that wander down for an afternoon drink. Since there are no fences around camp, you get to share your time there with the warthogs, zebras and other game that roam freely throughout!

The camp itself has a swimming pool, Funky Bush Showers with hot & cold water and all the facilities you will need to ensure that you will not be roughing it too much! Our Safari dome tents are bedded and all linen is included.

Dinner tonight is an enjoyable meal in our lapa under the African skies.


Day Two: Today is an EARLY rise as we leave for the world renowned Kruger before sunrise in our OPEN SAFARI Game Viewing vehicles with registered guides. We will spend at least 8 hours game viewing trying to hunt down the famous Big Five as well as all the other special mammals and reptiles that have made the Kruger their home! We do take breaks along the way to enjoy a hearty breakfast and stretch our legs. On returning to camp we enjoy another delicious lunch and you can relax, take a hike along the river or catch a siesta before dinner.

Day Three: It’s another early rise as we head for the Kruger once again for another day of game viewing. Today runs in the same way but we discover different routes as well as scenery in the park.

Day Four: You guessed it, ANOTHER wonderful day exploring the Kruger Park and all its wildlife…

After an exciting day in the African bush veld we return to camp for another delicious lunch before returning you back to Nelspruit.

And here you can go on with your travels but the Funky Monkey will drop you off at the bus station or the Airport.




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