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The Day you arrive in Swaziland: A meeting point will be at Manzini Liqhaga Building at Masalesikhundleni and Nkoseluhlaza Street. Office 302 B Thembekile will be waiting for you. :)

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Send money to Mxolisi Mdluli via Money gram to Standard Bank  Swaziland

 Where else would you be than here, in Swaziland to cross over in a majestic way to the new year. The festivities take place over a four(3) day period from Friday  30 December 2016 to 2nd January 2017. Music, dance, laughter, food, drink.

  • Physicality: Low
    Physical rating

    From relaxed (low) to ones where you need to be fit to join in.


    No surprises here. These tours/activities are those most anyone can do if they are fine with fairly flat walks and getting in and out of transport.


    Like to be active, even very active, but not pushed too far. This is the one for you.


    These tours/activities require you to be very fit. Probably not suitable for children.

  • Culture shock: Low
    Culture shock rating

    Some tours or activities are a total immersion ... others offer just a taste of a different way of life. Below is how we\'ve classified things to help you make a selection.


    Consider these tours or activities as unlikely to surprise. They will still give you fantastic insight into the destination and/or a great experience.


    You might find yourself on these tours/activities confronted by quite a different way of doing things to that you are familiar with. Think food, language, customs, religions, mode of transport. For the slightly more adventurous.


    Think things you probably wouldn\'t do on your own ...

  • Pickup location: The Day you arrive in Swaziland: A meeting point will be at Manzini Liqhaga Building at Masalesikhundleni and Nkoseluhlaza Street. Office 302 B Thembekile will be waiting for you. :)
  • Pickup time: (7.00 AM - 12.00 PM)
  • Drop-off time: (8.00 AM - 4.00 PM)


Friday 30th December
This is the day of arrival in Swaziland where you will head off to the Office of Swazi Touring's office and you will get your Swaziland Package for the next few days.
See the pick up Location.

You will be told your Place of Stay, Please make sure you confirm soon so that we can find places to stay for you the accommodation will be  in Manzini and places around.

The accommodation will include the following 

Bed and Breakfast and dinner. 

We will offer offer you dinner as well inclusive in the price we will either have dinner in the hotel where you will be staying or we will drive you to the nearest hotel that will offer us Buffer. 

31st December 

This is the Years Eve in Swaziland, you will have the toughest decision to make in choosing from the two best party Venues in the country.

For those who have chosen the House on fire option they will be taken  back the morning of the 1st Jan to the hotel and then we will go back to Esibayeni  for the 24 hour party that will finish noon on the 1st Jan Noon.

We can then later on the 1st of January - should we decide to go and look for other exciting place to sit and have a drink then we can go there till later in the day where we will go back to the hotels and plan for dinner time pick up.

Esibayeni and House On Fire.

Join us on New Year's Eve for a wild wander through Swaziland’s best dressed venue… Meander beneath Giant glowing mushrooms in the Amphitheatre amidst psychedelic circus performers or stretch your sense of adventure and explore the rabbit holes burrowing through the fantastical sculpture gardens. Numerous stages throughout will enchant the Mad Hatters as well as the Crazy Cats in the Circus! Twisting labyrinths of tunnels lead to various venues blazing buzzing beats of the best local and international DJ’s from South Africa to Mozambique,with an essence of wonder and outlandish theatre of space.
More information to follow

Esibayeni Lodge - Three Lounges 

The countries’ giants in entertainment will on the 31st December 2016 jointly host one of the greatest 24 hour parties ever witnessed in Swaziland. Dubbed ‘’The Big 5 - 24 hour Party’’ The targeted multitude of fun lovers will be treated to three different stages, each offering a wide selection of music, live and from the decks of the hottest DJs in the country...


Packages for the Cross Over

The Price for two people - R7200.00

The full package will include the following  

accommodation- for three nights



Transport for the duration of your stay in Swaziland- to avoid drinking and driving  and to enjoy your stay in Swaziland.

Entrance fees- VIPs except at HOUSE on Fire it will be just general fee for every body.

Braai arranged by your organizer either in the party venues or any other places recommended by the host and then head of to the party place after wards 

Extra on the Package - This one its optional- This applies for the last day on the Monday the 2nd.

Inclusive in the extras-  R1620.00

This is very exciting in Swaziland to be able to see some other parts of Swaziland other than being on the dance floor.

This will include a driving (50 min) to the Parks and entrance fees, 

Braai in the park while you are enjoying the wild life please follow this links for the two parks



If you want to take the whole package - R8820.00




Cancellation Policy

31days cancellation before arrival 100% refund

30days cancellation before arrival 75% refund

15days cancellation before arrival 50% refund

3days-24 hrs cancellation before arrival 0% refund

No refund for Bab weather cancellation

Participant Guidelines

Be warned 

Drinking an driving in Swaziland is very very serious, dont have your holidays spoilled and spend a night in cell. 

If you want to be safe we also offer night transport  to ferry all our party ravellers to and from the party venues. In this way you can have as many drinks as possible.

See our packages 

Other Disclosures

Please make bank transfare to the  following Bank.

Bank Details for Woza Nawe Tours

Account Holder- Woza Nawe campsite and Tours

Account number; 9110002390291

Branch CODE; 660564


Current account

Standard Bank Swaziland Manzini

You will then receive a confirmation about you payment and you will print your voucher which you will show on arrival in Swaziland.