About Us

Myxo's Woza Nawe Cultural Tours is situated in the hills
of Swaziland in the Community of kaPhunga about 55
kms from the nearest town, Manzini. The village tour involves travelling to the mountains, staying in a traditional hut, eating over an open fire in a compound of seven huts and visiting the local families, churches and schools. We are proud of our village and happy to share it with travellers.

This project has been running for the past 14 years and over this time many positive changes have taken place eg. the benefits of interaction between the villagers and travellers, the children's spoken English is improving and children also benefit from sponsorship by visitors.

The local people are always very happy to welcome outsiders into their village, and the visitors are always pleasantly surprised by the warm hospitality they receive. The local people are not solely concerned about the money that
they earn by the tours, but show a genuine interest in teaching outsiders about their true heritage and swazi culture. Visitors are able to walk around without being hassled, secure in the knowledge that they are welcome at kaPhunga.

However Myxo's Woza Nawe tours is expanding into providing Volunteer tourism in the local schools.By improving education and practicing English, the children will without doubt improve their educational standard. Myxo's tour has brought about the establishment of two kindergartens providing early childhood education for the children.

Also our volunteers help with the shortage of teachers especially in rural schools.

Myxo Woza Nawe Tours