Are my credit card details Safe.

Myxo’s Woza Nawe Tours uses a very secure payment on line booking system when a using a credit card.



Can i pay for my stay in Swaziland in Advance?

Yes for your stay in Swaziland to be confirmed you need to pay a 15% fee of your hotel stay payable to Myxos Woza Nawe  Tours this only applies to Accommodation bookings only

But for you all our tours you need to pay in advance a 100% upfront.

Can I make a reservation without a credit card

You can not make a reservation with out the credit card since we need it to process the 15% as a confirmation fee unless a bank money transfere has be arranged. If you don’t have a Credit card you can use somebody else’s if this is the case please confirm the card holder’s name and that you have permission to use it.

Will Myxos Woza Nawe Tours charge my credit card?

We will not charge your card unless you authorise us to do so if there is no other form of pavement that has been arranged.In some instances we will hold on to thecard details as confirmation of your stay.

What are payment methods available?

Credit card payment – via our online secure payment

Bank to Bank transfer

Balance to be paid in cash on arrival before the tour starts.

Where is the pickup point?

Pick up point is normally at the place where you are staying   the night before or a set meeting point if you prefer to drive your own car to the destination.


Can i drive my own car to the village?

Yes you can drive your own car , the road is good even for the small sedans  but if we are going for other trips such as the Safari tours then you will have to come in our car.

How many people can you accommodate at once in the huts in the Village?

We can accommodate around 15 people in the huts but usually the number like this works best if you are all travelling together.

What time do the tours start in the morning?

All out tours start at 8 in the morning unless there was another arrangement for starting late was made.

How young can the children join the tours?

Young children are ok but the minimum age is 4yrs unless the parents are going to make the food arrangements for the child.