Incwala Ceremony

Place: The Royal Residence  (20 Dec 2019 - 10 Jan 2020 )

Incwala takes place during December /January depending on the lunar cycle. The main day of the festival is a public holiday on which there is a spectacular pageant that culminates with the King tasting certain fruits from the new harvest.                                                                                                                                This event  takes place in the royal kraal for four days from the new harvest  after the full moon nearest the summealtr solstice, December 21st and members of the public are welcome to attend. However, photographs are not allowed unless you have permission from the Swaziland National Trust Commission.

On the main day of the festival hundreds of people in traditional dress, assemble at the Royal Kraal. This includes the king and his regiments, the Queen Mother, the royal wives and children, Governors, the Chiefs, and any Swazis who wish to participate.

Visitors are welcome as long as they conform to tradition, shoes or cameras in the kraal – ox hides and leopards skins are optional. 

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