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However we do recommend that you  should make sure that you call us and  we will arrange parking of your car in a safe place since our place for the moment, the road can only be accessible using a high clearance vehicle, But we can assure you that its well worth it, also if you want to relax and have a chance to walk around the community.We are about 15 mins away from the ATM s, Banks, Supermarkets, and casinos, restaurants.We are looking forward to having you at Mayoloza..

The location of this Hotel is idea bcause you are very close to the city centre  in Mbabane  and  Ezulwini  where you will finf all the banks, supermarkets, places to relax,hot springs.

Bus station is found in Mbabane  where you will find transport to South Africa and nelspruite.

 Our Location is fantastic for hiking around the mountain and if you just want to connect with nature this is your best place.


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Hotel Address: Ezulwini, Pass Buka community, Ezulwini

Getting there (local language)

KuMayoloza wengca e Buka mgemgwaco loya etiyeni

Getting there

Mayoloza Bed and breakfast  is located in the village of Mayoloza  pass Buka on the tea road we are about 10kms away from the MR3. However we recommend that you call us an we will arrange parking space for you to leave the car. We provide a car for you to take you to the Bed and breakfast, but if you have a high clearance vehicle then its possible to drive and reach home. Please do let us know we will meet you you at Corner Plaza.