Events to see

Swaziland is one of the last countries left in the world with very rich tradition and the Swazi people are proud to show their culture to anyone who visits.

Incwala Ceremony
Place: The Royal Residence  (20 Dec 2019 - 10 Jan 2020 )

This is one of the very old tradition that is still performed in Swaziland, its also regarded  the tasting of the first fruits by the king since it’s the end of the year. Most of the Swazi people still believe that is the way to communicate with the royal spirits in terms of the guidance that they have provided  ever since the beginning of the year.

The Reed Dance
Place: The Royal Residance  (27 Aug 2020 - 03 Sep 2020 )

The Umhlanga or the Reed Dance is a colourful social ritual that takes place in late August or early September, depending on the lunar cycle. It is largely secular in nature, aimed at solidarity, chastity and loyaty to the Queen Mother.

Swaziland International Trade Fair 31st August 2012
Place: Manzini  (31 Aug 2020 - 09 Sep 2020 )

Swaziland International Trade Fair 31st August 2012

This is an exhibition event held over a 10 day period at the state of the art premises of the Mavuso Trade and Exhibition Centre in late August / early September.