Getting to and from Swaziland, as well as getting around the country is very easy. The transportation is very organised in Swaziland both the cross-border and local transport. We are close to all major roads leading to Johannesburg, Durban and Nelspruit. If you are coming from Joburg. and you are looking for public transport , then it is also fairly easy. Take  a cab to the main bus station in the city centre of Johannesburg and ask for Wanderers Street in Park Station. Ask for buses/Kombis that are heading for Swaziland. There is no departure or arrival schedule, the buses leave when they are full.

Try this:

Ingakuphi i bhasi leya e Swaziland?

Where do I find the bus to Swaziland?

Myxo's Woza Nawe Tours Top

Myxo's Tours is is based in Swaziland mainly doing the cultural tours and also the volunteer tourism. But we have then in the past ran a shuttle from swaziland to Mozambique (Maputo) and also to Nelspruite.

But we do require a min number of 4 people to be able to go.

MR18 RD Bhunya Luyengo RD
Tel: 00268 76426780
Fax: 00268 25059754

SiyeSwatini TransMagnific Top

Siye Swatini offers a very relaiable shuttle service from Swaziland to the Airport in Johannesburg. they will pick you up from the air port to drop off in Swaziland in Mbabane.And then from there you can connect to where you stay using local transport.

Engen Garage -Mbabane
Tel: 00268 24049977
Fax: +268 24049977

Swazi Trails Top

One of the Leading tour Operatour in the Country for the hospitality industry. they offer a wide range of transport needs.

mantenga Craft centre Ezulwini Valley
Tel: (00-268) 24162180
Fax: (00-268) 24161040