Swaziland activities

Swaziland has a lot of amazing places to be seen, we are not know for the great big five and the sea etc. but we have what is Unique you can not find any where else.

Th following are the must do things in Swaziland.

Wild Life.

Swaziland's rich variety of landscapes and habitats gives it a profusion of fauna and flora, with the good number of species being mind-boggling by most travellers standards. This country is not large enough to offer lots of big game experiences,  but we can boost of very close encounters with the animals including the sought after ‘Big 5’. Swaziland is also the perfect place to get to grips with many smaller creatures often overlooked on safari elsewhere, and it is a bird-watcher’s paradise.

In the south-east of Swaziland, the low-veld, lies untouched  unspoilt wilderness, haven to endangered which roam the African bush in Swaziland's premier game reserve.- Mkhaya 

Mkhaya is Best for: Unforgettable & Intimate Game Encounters • Bush Fanatics • Swazi-guided Game Drives and Walks • Day Tours • Unforgettable Overnight Stay in Truly Unique Accommodation • Birding Enthusiasts • Photographers • Black Rhino Viewing • Romantic Retreat 

Swazi Village Home Stay

Get a very good opportunity for visiting the rural areas especially the village of kaphunga about 55km away from the nearest town of Manzini. here you will have the chance to do the following

  • sleep in the Swazi Traditional Hut,
  • visit the local family
  • Visit the local Primary school and the Preschool
  • Hiking in the community
  • helping the local families in the daily activities

This is a great opportunity to understand the life of the local people, this has been rated the best Swazi experience by many travellers, and also marked as the highligh of the trip to Africa.

Souvenir Shopping in Swaziland

This is one of the relaxed places you can ever make your gift shopping in a hassle free markets, now one is going to be giving you trouble for not buying. All the gifts are priced fairly as well,but if you really enjoy negotiating the price its best to do it if you have bought a few items otherwise you will realise that its not worth doing it.

Adventure Activities

Swaziland does offer a few adrenalin sports such as the following

  • Rafting
  • Caving
  • Hiking
  • Zip Lining in Malolotja
  • Mountain Biking

 Ezulwini Cultural village

Here you will be entertained by young Swazi man and women who are full of energy  and they will be showing off their songs composed in the villagers according the way of life. You will be ask to join in and have fun with them and dance. In the end you will be taken around to the village where the guide will explain all the Swazi culture and the tradition.