Swaziland Hotels

Swaziland Hotels and Lodges

All our Hotels are an ideal choice for many guests coming into Swaziland, and lots of them do provide the great value for money. And mostly they provide what a traveler needs while on holiday. For example, many hotel offer family accommodation, comfortable, relaxed and totally friendly services you may also find that the other accommodation come with a best restaurants in the area. Swaziland is always described as a very safe and friendly destination to those who are familiar, the country is also well located in between Mozambique and South Africa which makes it  a great triangle for seeing the beach, wild life, the people, this is a very small country with full monarchy , if you want to have a full contact with the local people this is your opportunity to get to mingle with the people since we also offer tours and  other activities that go right into the mountains where the rural people are living.

  • Malandelas Bed and Breakfast- Malkerns 
  • Willows Lodge- Malkerns
  • Melusi's Guest House-Manzini
  • Moneni Guest House- Manzini
  • Asante Guest House- Manzini
  • Swazi Traditional Hotel- rural village
  • Esther's Lodge- Malkerns
  • Mabuda bed and breakfast- Siteki
  • Road Lodge- Manzini
  • Havillah Court Guest House- Manzini
  • Mantenga Lodge- Ezulwini
  • Cathmar Cottages- Mbabane
  • Shield Guest House- Mbabane